The residents of the housing associations help to create a green profile

The residents are helping to make a difference.

An important element of Happi is the involvement of residents. Residents must be involved in supporting the housing association in this process. They are called Green Ambassadors. They do not have to be experts. Their environmental awareness is the basis for their voluntary actions in collaboration with other Green Ambassadors in their housing association.

Margit Vraa lives in the housing complex, Nørager. She was immediately excited about the idea of the Green Ambassador corps. She can’t hardly get her arms down: “I can work for sustainability in our area and generally do something to improve the climate with solar cells and the like”, she says in a press release.

“I am just me. I have no professional competency. I think as ambassadors we are allowed to come up with the crooked ideas. And I like meeting others who think green” she says, and is pleased that resident Mihad Lubani is also involved in being a green ambassador.

Both are happy that they collaborate internally in the housing association, and also with ambassadors from other housing associations. They are also happy that they are helping to define the role of ambassador.

All housing associations have their own culture. They must describe and find topics they would like to solve, for the benefit of the climate, for residents, the housing association and ultimately the entire municipality.

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By Ruth Nielsen
Mona Hamid (th) med Margit Vraa og Mihad Lubani. 
Photo: Ruth Nielsen