Resident involvement in the housing associations

It is in the daily contact with the residents that the questions about the energy renovations show up. Therefore, more than 20 employees from the housing associations in the area have attended a course at EUC Syd, as a part of the HAPPI project.

During the course, they learned more about the good dialogue with the residents and they exchanged experiences from everyday life about how, for example the groundsmen, can play an active role when the residents have questions about energy consumption.

“We have created the course so that the employees have the opportunity to share experiences with each other across the housing associations,” says educator Michael Hermansen and continues “It is often the groundsmen and the administration staff who get the questions in daily life about the energy renovations. So at the course, we focus on how to get the good energy dialogue with the residents.”

The course is part of the HAPPI project, with all of the six housing associations participating.