In search of energy savings

As part of the HAPPI project, Søren Aagaard, technical advisor from Danish Energy Management (DEM), was searching for energy savings at resident Yvonne Isager in Section 6 of B42.

Her 75m2 terraced house was examined from basement to attic for possible savings, which later can be presented to all residents in Section 6.

“We are visiting all the departments in the HAPPI project. We review selected tenancies to get an overview of the saving potential”, Søren Aagaard from DEM explains. “We are screening everything from heating systems to ventilation and insulation to be able to make our assessment of the possibilities for energy savings. Hereafter I will make some calculations to see what is profitable for the residents to have renovated”.

Yvonne Isager who had her terraced house examined, is excited to see what the possibilities for energy savings in her house are.

“We have not had our houses examined for energy savings before, so now we will see what the possiblities are,” says Yvonne Isager: “Both economy and energy are important to us, so I look forward to see what we will be presented for at the residents’ meeting”.

The chairman of department 6, Henning Bonde, participated in the review of the terraced house, and he also looks forward to seeing the result of the review: “I have lived in my terraced house for 28 years, where I have made some energy improvements, but it is not everyone who can do that themselves. So now we will to see which suggestions Søren comes up with after the review of the department”.

Section 6 of housing association B42 is part of the HAPPI project, where a total of 56 departments in the 6 housing associations will be screened for energy savings. It is expected that 11 million kWh of heat and power can be saved annually when the energy renovations have been completed.