Great interest in the work of the housing associations

On Wednesday February 19th, the results from the HAPPI project and Sønderborg’s Roadmap2025 were presented at the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum in Brussels.

The interest in how Sønderborg’s Roadmap and actions towards 75% CO2 reduction was great.

With Roadmap2025, Sønderborg has shown how an ambitious plan can be translated into actions and projects, and the HAPPI project was presented as a concrete example of how Sønderborg creates action.

Over the past two years, 56 energy screenings have been carried out across the housing associations’ departments, to identify energy-saving measures.

At the same time, all the housing associations have worked with their own individual energy strategies, which will create a base for the housing associations’ future efforts.

By working with energy strategies, the housing associations have shown how they take an active role in the Sønderborg area’s green transformation. At the same time, it gives each housing association some concrete goals for their own efforts.

The experiences from the HAPPI project are interesting for other cities because it shows that cooperation between the housing associations provides synergies that can initiate concrete energy renovations.

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