Energy Strategies in the housing associations

Since March 2018, the 6 housing associations in the area, have been working on the HAPPI project, and energy strategies have now been drawn up for all the housing associations.

The HAPPI project is still in progress. Currently several of the energy renovation projects is being prepared, so they can be presented to the residents of the departments concerned.

A large part of the project is about how more energy renovations in the housing associations can be accomplished, and resident democracy is an important part of this process.

It is the residents of each department who decide whether the energy renovations should be carried out. Therefore, it is also important that they see the benefits for both themselves and for the climate as the energy renovations are presented.

Depending on which measures are taken, the benefits of an energy renovation can be both better indoor climate and a smaller energy bill.

Energy Strategies

Another important part of the HAPPI project is the work with energy strategies in the housing associations. In order to accomplish this work, the housing associations receive assistance from Danish Energy Management (DEM).

An energy strategy should partly make it easier for the housing associations to carry out energy renovation projects in the future, and partly provide better and more climate-friendly housing for the residents.

In 2015 the housing association B42 had an energy strategy implemented, which must now be revised as part of the HAPPI project. The experience gained from this will be used in the work with the other housing associations.

As part of the process, DEM conducted interviews with the administrations of the housing associations and obtained responses from more than 500 residents in the housing associations to give an impression of how the housing associations currently work with energy and climate. This resulted in an overview, as shown below, that illustrates the starting point for future work with an energy strategy, for each housing association.

With 6 different housing associations in the area, there will be 6 different energy strategies, which is also the purpose of the HAPPI project. Each housing association has its own priorities and objectives, and that will be the basis of each energy strategy.