Christmas meeting with the boards

On Monday, December 17, the boards of the 6 housing associations in the Sønderborg area, gathered for a Christmas meeting to gain status of the work done in the HAPPI project.

So far the work has consisted of energy screenings of departments where initiatives have to be developed. Work is expected to be completed during January 2019, after which the job of finding new financing methods can begin.

In autumn, Danish Energy Management also prepared energy management profiles for each of the housing associations.

The energy management profiles are based on interviews with the administration staff and residents in the housing associations. 511 residents participated in the questionnaire survey which provided many good inputs to both the study and the further work in the HAPPI project.

The result of the energy management profiles was presented at the meeting with the boards, like also the plan for the further work.

As part of the HAPPI project, the housing associations will be working to define an energy / sustainability policy during 2019.

At the end of the meeting, the plans for the ProjectZero Roadmap2025 were presented. The focus was how to upscale the learning created through the HAPPI project.

The projects in Roadmap2025 are based on the good cooperation between the housing associations and ProjectZero.