Better comfort thanks to energy renovation

The housing association SØBO will be energy renovating their department 12, Grundtvigsallé 7-29. The president is pleased.

When it should be, it should be right: Sønderborg Boligforening (Søbo) has put energy renovation on the agenda. The blocks of flats on Grundtvigsallé 7-29 (section 12) were to have a new roof. The department board went a step further and wanted to also have solar cells. Consulting engineer Torben Esbensen (Danish Energy Management – sustainable renovation) took another step and recommended solar cells with battery. The advantage is that excess solar energy is stored in batteries instead of sending it out to the grid, and it can then be tapped when needed.

“The department should have a new roof, so it would be silly not to do it”, says chairman Birthe Holm about the residents’ decision. The battery part could be accepted by the department because it is funded by EU.

The rent does rise by 3.03%. The solar cells are paid over the electricity bill (á conto), ”but in 10 years it will be paid off, and then we have green electricity. And that makes me happy”.

“I can feel that the residents have a greater and greater interest in the use of solar energy, but still economy means a great deal. There is a rent increase, but at the same time they save money on the electricity bill. The most important thing is that it adds up”, says Torben Esbensen, who informs that Søbos dept. 21 (Udsigten 2-6) also will have a new roof – with solar cells with battery.


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Af. Ruth Nielsen